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Our Story

We reside in Greensboro, North Carolina but born and raised in Henderson, NC.  Fitness has always been a part of our lives since a young age.  Being a three sport athlete in high school, with track being a focus at the time, volleyball quickly superseded that. We were both blessed in receiving a full athletic volleyball scholarship to North Carolina  A&T State University.  Majoring in Sports Science Fitness Management, we knew that fitness was the route we wanted to take.  Upon receiving Bachelor's degree, we start our training debut in 2007 but the passion for volleyball was still there.  Traveling over to different countries to compete, we both became DI collegiate coaches along the way.  Ask us how is was coaching against each other in the same conference! :) While doing all of that, we ourselves stayed in pretty good shape and noticed that we had become an inspiration to many!  We started posting about our healthy living and workout regimen and people quickly took heed and wanted to follow suit.  Seeing how we could inspire someone through our passion for fitness landed us where we are today.  We want people to understand that a healthier lifestyle isn't just for looking absolutely amazing but because of the health benefits you develop.  Our mantra is called, "FIT IS LOVE" because we want you to love yourself enough to make the necessary  choice to live a healthier lifestyle and of course, get fit along the way!

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